Carie Lyndene – The Success Coach

Working with Alex over the past year has enabled me to access levels of creativity and receptivity that I genuinely didn’t know I had. Working with Alex and experiencing her wisdom and compassion is an absolute JOY!

AI-Logo Alison Banks – Coach

Alex was able to quickly assess the areas that were holding me back in business.  She then took me through a process that liberated me from those thoughts and beliefs that had been holding me back in that area.  I would recommend having this type of coaching if you want your business to move forward quickly.

Jeff Allen – Master Trainer POV

Alex is a dedicated and intuitive trainer who acts as a safe and knowledgeable guide of our unconscious mind. She has the ability to quickly and safely reach the nub of the issue which when shifted creates profound change in the lives of those she works with.

AI-Logo Tina Ure

You really helped me decide what to do and realise what I love most and also helped me recognise that my heart is indeed in my work and the sense of relief was huge.  So thanks again, very impressed with your work.

AI-Logo Pam Caruthers – Life Coach

From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I made a massive breakthrough.