Alex is no stranger to success in the business world. Described, by many, as a natural born organizer, she began her career as a hotel manager, then became a ship-broker and later an international marketing manager for a large global corporation.

After over twenty-years of long and stressful hours working in the City in London, she found that she just was going through the motions. She wasn’t excited about her life any more, despite some outer signs of success.

Things needed to change. She went back to college and studied for an MA in Conservation Studies and then started her own studio specialising in ceramic restoration & conservation and she continued her connection with businesses by being a consultant to start ups and businesses.

It was a friend introducing her to Psychology of Vision (PoV) that really started to turn her life around in multiple and miraculous ways. With her new-found confidence she went on to win the highly sought after Ceramic Conservation prize with her first project.

Her personal experience with the PoV model was so powerful that she became one of their Trainers and now gives workshops and coaches using this model, in the UK and internationally. Her business skills and experience give her insights to people’s problems. She’s a good listener and her specialist coaching training get to the root of issues and resolve them permanently which she balances with compassion and sensitivity.

Wherever you are in your journey you are in a safe pair of hands and that with Alex’s mix of humour, fun, wisdom and strong communication skills can help you gain the tools and wisdom to experience much more success, ease and enjoyment in your work.

These 2-days have been the most transformational days of my life.

– Cindy Davis (The Feel Good Coach)