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“Alex – joyful, patient, wise, comforting, kick-ass, reassuring and fun!!!” – Hazel Scott

Unleash Your Potential

If you want to:
Fast track your business or career to the next level
Get that project moving through to completion – at long last!
Free your mind of stress, fear or constant anxiety

Then you’ve come to the right place.

I work with really bright, accomplished people who run their own business or have good careers but real success still seems to elude them.

You have loads of potential you simply don’t use – unleash that and you’re off to a flying start. Add your whole mind, heart and intuition into the equation and you can propel yourself forward to the next level with a whole lot of ease and real success. You already have it all – you just need to access to it.

I am a Psychology of Vision Trainer and I work with this cutting edge model. It really gets to the nub of an issue quickly and with your willingness can change the way you work and indeed live. And the real joy of this is the change is permanent – it is not about a quick fix. This work goes deep and to keep it all safe it is done with understanding compassion and kindness.

“Another full and mind blowing session with the Yummious Alex who is my phenomenal Executive Coach. She is blasting me through stuff at a rate of knots!!”

– Carie Lyndene

My Services include:

  • Executive Coaching Programmes
  • Groups Training Programmes
  • Workshops

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